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The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals protects doctors’ ability to discuss firearms safety with patients.

About the Coalition

Across the country, politicians are introducing and passing laws that interfere in the relationship between patients and their health care providers. This trend of political interference is happening with respect to women’s health, gun safety, and environmental hazards, among other health and safety issues. These laws undermine the patient-centered quality care that advocates, physicians, and other health care providers strive to achieve. Communication between patients and their health care providers must be allowed to flow freely so the relationship can be grounded in trust.

The Coalition to Protect the Patient-Provider Relationship believes that patients deserve accurate information, high-quality care and the treatment options that best meet their needs. Physicians and other health care providers should be able to follow the best medical science and training based upon available evidence, and adhere to their ethical obligations.

Mission Statement

The Coalition to Protect the Patient-Provider Relationship is comprised of nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations united in our opposition to inappropriate interference in the relationship between a patient and health care provider. This relationship is one in which sensitive and confidential information is privately exchanged in trusted, open, and honest discussion. The Coalition believes that all parties speaking to the provision of health care should respect the unique nature of the patient-provider relationship and support the ethical obligation of the health care provider to deliver individualized, evidence-based care and put the patient first.